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Printing portraits can be a bit simpler than Landscapes mostly because the size options tend to be less.   

A quick guide to common recommendations and most popular sizes: 

       Business/Family/Misc Portraits: 5x7, 8x10

      Model Portfolio: 9x12

      Headshots: 8x10 

       Snapshots: 4x6, 5x7

       Family Portraits: Wallets, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 9x12, 16x20, 30x40

Below is some more detailed information about Frames and image sizing:

When choosing the best picture frame size for you, always make sure to measure your image first. All frame sizes are based on the inside dimensions. Therefore if you have an 8×10 image and do not want to use the mat, you still want to order an 8×10 frame. If you have an 11×14 image and do want to include a mat, it is important to order a larger frame size to accommodate this.

In my experience, these are the most popular and most utilized sizes overall. These sizes cover a wide range of photograph sizes, poster sizes, art print sizes, and many other common sizes seen every day. Most popular sizes are:


5x7’s are a very popular frame size because so many photographs are printed off in the 5×7 size. 5x7’s are the perfect size to display your photos on a desktop at work, home, or to give a precious memory to someone close to you.


8×10 picture frames are top sellers. Once again, 8×10 is a common picture size, but it is also a perfect frame because you can use a mat.  8×10 frames with an off white mat for a 5×7 image, allowing you to mat your 5×7 picture to help highlight your memories.


11×14 frames may also include an off white mat but for an 8×10 image. Many people love this size because they can use the frame with the mat, or remove the mat and highlight their 11×14 photographs. This size frame with or without a mat offers  versatility.   


If you are looking for a medium sized picture frame, the 16×20 size is a great choice. 16×20 picture frames may include an off white mat for an 11×14 image. This option provides just over 2” of matting on each side of your image. This is a great size picture frame because you can make it a highlight piece on your wall, or part of a mixture with other frames to form a collage on your wall.   A great choice for a larger family photo, wedding photo, or engagement photo.   


a larger popular size picture frame is 24×36 size. 24×36 is the main size that most posters that are sold come in. Therefore if you are looking to frame a poster for a dorm room, your office or house, or to give as a gift, this is the perfect picture frame size for you.

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