**When starting to select a print for Landscape purposes, you should first have an idea what space you are trying to fill.  Do you need an image that is Panoramic (long and short) or a Standard (square-ish)? This can be important as NOT all images can be printed both Panoramic and Standard size without some image quality degradation.   As you view my images, you will see some images are already Panoramic or Standard sized. You should try to keep the image as close to its original size so that you don’t loose detail in the image. In addition, I have taken great care to size the image for its desired outcome. 

**Next you will want to consider where the image will hang. Is it being hung in a formal room or casual room? Generally Matted and framed images are for a more formal setting. Canvas prints work well formally, depending on the image. Metal prints have become very popular in both casual and formal settings.

**Now its time to select the size you want and finalize your purchase. After your selection, I will review your purchase to ensure you are getting the best quality print you deserve. This may take a few days. Below are some suggested and common sizes you should consider when making your purchase;

Standard Sizes: (Height x Length in Inches) * = Most Popular

8 x12

11 x16

12 x 18*

16 x 20

16 x 24*

20 x 30*

24 x 36*

30 x 45

40 x 60

Panoramic Sizes: (Height x Length in Inches) * = Most Popular

10 x 20, 30*,40

12 x 24*, 30, 36

20 x 40*, 50*, 60

30 x 60*, 90

40 x 80, 90

Please let me know if you need any assistance - Steve

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