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I have combined my love for the outdoors and adventure with my passion for all types of photography. No matter what you're doing, there is always an opportunity to stop and enjoy your surroundings.  There is a soul inside every shot, scene, and person that I strive to capture -                                                                                                                  --Steve 

Steve began shooting photos as a young adult when he stole his father's camera, burning up film like it was candy. In high school, along with playing sports, he spent several years serving as one of his high school's yearbook photographers. This training began a life long love for being creative, later honing his skills in the darkroom. In college, he continued his learning with several classes at the junior college level. Although his passion for adrenaline and adventure eventually brought him to an exciting career helping others, photography would become an important part of his life later.

Steve Forman Photography was created to combine his passion for photography and his love for the outdoors, as well as creating memories for his clients.   Although Steve has had some education and training, it was many years ago and unfortunately did not continue his formal education in photography.  Since the digital (DSLR) era he is completely self taught, relying on mentors, family, and friends who have taken the time to teach and encourage his progress.    He continues to push himself to learn from others while taking classes and using a trial and error type of attitude.  

Steve spends most of his time outdoors where he finds himself in some of the most stunning places.   He enjoys backpacking, hiking, kayaking and skiing which can afford him the ability to be in some of the most remote locations one can be in.  

Through the years, Steve has had several opportunities in the industry which included contract work with North Face. His work has graced the walls of local businesses, art/wine shows, photography competitions and lucky homes who have been blessed with a print.

If interested, you may contact Steve at 



I have enjoyed wonderful successes in the past several years and could not have done it without the support of several in my life.   I am grateful that many get to enjoy my passion.   

My images have been published in print magazines for fashion, lifestyle and boudoir photography.   Including multiple publications within  Xpressions Magazine and Boudoir Culture Magazine.  I've been featured in three online publications to include one photographer spotlight.

Locally many of my landscape images have been purchased and are currently being enjoyed in office complexes in Sunnyvale CA, medical facilities in Cupertino CA,  as well as several new found homes for some of my special pieces featuring Lake Tahoe CA.   

As a passionate creative photographer I get to enjoy seeing my photography  all over the South Bay Area.  I was recently commissioned to shoot advertising images for Gilroy Gardens, and Solis Winery in Gilroy CA.   It's fun and slightly weird to be scrolling through the internet and seeing my images appear in advertisements.   

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